Licensed Water Transfer Printing Film

All films below can be applied to parts Hydro-Dip decorates for you.  Licensed films can be purchased direct from manufacturer, Hydro-Dip does not resell licensed films listed below.  Hydro-Dip builds custom, all-inclusive dip kits for all patterns below. Kits contain every thing required to dip items in your favorite popular patterns, but the film must be purchased separately. We provide a link direct to manufacturer that will allow for purchase of these patterns. Kits include custom film activators, All-Surface Primer, base color paint, clear coat, scuff pads, prep-wipes, touch up-ez dabbers, instructions and more! Check them out! 



952 Virtus TARIIS

951 Virtus TALOS

950 Virtus EKHO

949 Virtus NYX

948 Virtus DELOS

937 GO Wild Rock-Star

929 Monster Camo

923 Muddy Girl Serenity Reduced

922 Undertow Reduced

921 Toxic Reduced

920 Moon Reduced

914 StalkLand Camo

913 Boneyard-Nokturnal Colors

913 Boneyard-Nokturnal

895 Tiger Stripe-Red, White, Blue

839 MultiCam Alpine

834 DKD Aquatic White

833 Red Digital Tiger Stripe

Prym Blackout

Prym DT

Prym Firestorm

Prym HC

Prym MP

Prym Pinkout

Prym Sand Storm

Prym Shoreline

Prym Typhoon

Prym Wave

Prym Whiteout

901 Go Wild Camo

898 Muddy Girl Serenity

885 Bullgator Camouglage

879 Disolve Wing Reduced

878 Disolve Bare Reduced

874 KUIU Vias 2.0

873 KUIU Verde 2.0

871 Scales Bay Camo

856 Badlands Approach

HotLeaf Camo


Skullworks 2

Kryptek Universal

Vista Micro Colors

Kryptek Yeti Reduced

Kryptek Banshee Reduced

DKd Aquatic

Moon Shine Undertow

Moon Shine Toxic

Kryptek Banshee

Winter Brown

Fall Copper

Lost Soulz

Wildfire Reduced

Kryptek Highlander

Kryptek Mandrake

MultiCam Black

MultiCam Black

Kryptek Pontus Reduced

Kryptek Neptune Reduced

Kryptek Highlander Reduced

Kryptek Typhon Reduced

Next Camo

Zonz Woodland Mini

Ridge Reaper Camo

Muddy Girl Reduced


Next G2

Pink Buckthorn

Lost Camo AT


MoonShine Freedom


TigerStripe All Terrain

Legends Snow

Deep Woods Camo

Weatherridge Camoufalge



Digital Ghiller

Weatherridge Camoufalge

Next G2

Boneyard Legends Blaze

Kryptek Nomad

Kryptek Typhon

Kryptek Raid

Kryptek Yeti

Wildfire Camouflage

Deadeye Dan Cancer Camo


Pine Forest Camo

Boneyard Legends Camo

Harvest Moon Camouflage

Outshine Camouflage

Muddy Girl Camouflage

Boneyard Legends Camo

Tiger Stripe Military Tiger Stripe

Camo Deerskull

Predator 3D Deception

Winter White

Predator Fall Grey

Predator Spring Green

Next Camo Bonz

Predator Green Deception

Predator Brown Deception

Fishoflage Bass Micro

Tiger Stripe Navy

Longleaf Fatal Flight

Fishoflage Bass Micro

Tiger Stripe Digital Snow


Toadback Toad-a-flage


Fishoflage Walleye Mini

Fishoflage Bass Mini

Fishoflage Bass

Fishoflage Walleye

Kings Woodland Shadow

Kings Mountain Shadow

Kings Field Shadow

Kings Snow Shadow

Kings Woodland Shadow

Kings Mountain Shadow

Timbers Edge Camo

Outfitter Tuff Camo

Camo Urban

Camo Pink

Tiger Stripe ACU

Next Camo FLX

Next Camo Vista

King's Desert Shadow Camo

Vanish Camoflauge Vanish Hybrid

Mathew's Last Camo

BackLand West

BackLand Adrenaline

Longleaf Camo AT Green

Camo Spring Leaf

Camo Fall Leaf

Mothwing Game Day Blue

Next Camo


Brush Country Camo

GameGuard Camo

Prairie Ghost North Woods

Camo Tan Leaf

Tiger Stripe Urban Digital

Tiger Stripe Desert Digital

Tiger Stripe Woodland Digital

Superflauge Game Reduced

Mothwing Spring Mimicry

Mothwing Canyon Mimicry

Mothwing Winter Mimicry

Mothwing Marsh Mimicry

Mothwing Mimicry

Snakeskin Illusion Fall Copper

Prairie Ghost River Ghost

Prairie Ghost Ridge Ghost

Prairie Ghost Ultimate

Prairie Ghost Snow Ghost

Tiger Stripe Desert

Tiger Stripe Vietnam

Tiger Stripe Tactical Tiger

Snakeskin All Season Brown

Tru Woods Camo

Mothwing Original

Rocky Mountain Autumn Aspen

Prairie Ghost Camo

Carbon Fiber

850 3D Carbon Fiber Stack

Staggered Carbon


Hounds Fiber

Carbon Fiber Black Check

Silber Bias Carbon

Black Real Carbon



Gold Carbon Fiber

Cyber Carbon Fiber

Black Carbon Fiber w/Clear Back

Carbon Fiber

Pink Carbon Fiber

Carbon Fiber Phoenix Black

Machine Turn

Ford F150

Black Silver Carbon Fiber

Silver Carbon Fiber

Carbon Fiber Ford Match

Carbon Fiber Triangles

Black Holes

Carbon Fiber

Carbon Fiber Braided Weave

Carbon Fiber Silver White Check

Black Carbon Fiber Weave

Silver Carbon Fiber Weave

Carbon Fiber Small Check

Carbon Fiber Check

Blue Carbon Fiber Check

Carbon Fiber

Carbon Fiber Micro Check

Monaco Check


928 Lone Star Pride

925 Devils Kanyon Reduced

924 Devils Kanyon

892 Purple Paisley

890 Tech Tron Green

889 Tech Tron Pink

888 Tech Tron Silver

738 Pink Polka Dot

733 Henna

7718 Fuchsia Crocodile

882 Amendments

840 Purple Paw Prints

Tag Vandal


Phantom Flame


Tag Vandal

Pyro Mini

One Nation Traditional Reduced

Zebra Mini

One Nation Midnight

One Nation Traditional

One Nation Vintage

Pink Mini Zebra

Purple Cheetah

Italian Leather Espresso

Italian Leather Brunette

Italian Leather Blush

Italian Leather Arctic

Garden Flower Sketch

Hot Pink Giraffe


Hounds Fiber

Flower Doodle

Cheery Dahlia


Garden Rose

Proveil Reaper H20

Ribbons Yellow

Ribbons Pink

Zebra Small

Proveil Reaper Black

Zebra Large


Black Grey Flames

Red Flames

Water Drops

Blue Bandana

Flower Dark Green

Flower Blue

Flower Light Green


American Flag Newsprint

Snakeskin Black



900 Architectural Angola Black Granite

662 Architectural Galaxy Black Granite

660 Architectural Brown Marble

659 Architectural White Marble


White Vein on Black Base

Gold Vein White

Gold Vein Black

Volvo Color Match

Pearl Streaks

Grey Marble

Brown Marble

Black Marble

Gold Marble

Black Vein Marble

Black Silver Marble

Slate Chips

Black Granite

Mauve Marble

Wood Grains

935 Golden Black Anigre

934 Starry Maple

933 Brazilian Rosewood

932 Delicate Straight Grain

910 Architectural Lavish Oak

909 Architectural Weathered

908 Architectural Maple

896 Birdseye-Medium

865 Redwood Grain

Ebony Walnut

Burgundry Burl

Dark Chocolate Straight Grain

Caramel Cross Grain

Midnight Moon

Espresso Cross Grain

Mocha Cross Grain

Midnight Walnut

Dusty Walnut

Golden Carpathian Elm Burl

Toasted Rosewood

Monaco Walnut

Cork Gold

Tanzy Teak



Birdseye Maple


Eastern Dark Walnut

Eastern White Cedar


Figured Cedar Wood Grain

Regal Burl

Regal Burl

Grey Birdseye

Oak Wood Grain

Silver Burl

Birdseye Maple


Carpathian Elm Burlwood


Cinnamon Mottled Eucalyptus


Maple Flip Flop

Dark Charcoal Ripple

Brown Carpathian Elm Burlwood

Blonde Carpathian Elm Burlwood

Figured Maple

Birdseye Maple






Burnt Cabernet Burlwood

Cocoa Burlwood

Auburn Maple

Medium Brown Willow

Swirl Burlwood

Toasted Almond Straight Grain

Chestnut Straight Grain

Honey Figured Maple

Caramel Maple

Smokey Burl

Charcoal Grey Straight Grain


Blonde Wood Grain

Two Tone Ash Grain

Curly Chocolate Grain

Butterscotch Figured Maple

Black Gun Stock

Light Black Gun Stock

Cranberry Straight Grain

Volvo Color Match

Red and Gold Birdseye

Golden Brown Wood Grain

Zebrano Grain

Dark Burlwood

Golden Brown Birdseye

Carpathian Elm Burl

Brown Birdseye

Red Straight Grain

Red Oak

Light Brown Straight Grain

Burlwood Gold

Light Oak

Walnut Match

Brown Wood Grain


Dark Walnut


Coffee Burlwood

Light Walnut

Brown Wood Grain

Light Birdseye