Small Business

We’ve helped hundreds of small businesses with decoration solutions involving a wide array of products sold worldwide. We are able to offer professional instruction during early and advanced phases of growth.

Every product has challenges that must be addressed to bring ideas to fruition. Our technicians will work closely with you to identify those challenges and determine the correct paint systems, patterns, and top coats for your products.

Additionally, we can help you set up your own dipping operation! The possibilities in the dipping industry are endless. We offers a complete line of hydro dipping supplies, including primers, paints, activators, clear coats, and over 500 hydro dipping film patterns to choose from.

We offer kits for the novice, as well as complete hydro dip tank starter kits. Everything needed to hit the ground running and begin your own hydro dipping business.

We sell the same primers, paints, clears, and film activators we use daily for major manufacturers. Our products have passed stringent durability tests for major manufacturers as well as US and Canadian military programs. We know what works! You can have it too!

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