Finding the right company to decorate your production-based products can be challenging. The Hydro-Dip brand has been built by understanding the importance of quality control and meeting rigid deadlines. With a long history of successful OEM programs, Hydro-Dip continues to remain one of the industries premier North American hydrographic decoration facilities. Our team of seasoned water transfer printing professionals will make your process seamless. Both you and your end customer can feel confident that Hydro-Dip will deliver on time every time by focusing on:

  • Net Terms on qualified PO’s
  • Lot consistency
  • Expedite service for special needs and time sensitive deliveries.
  • Prototyping and tooling designs geared toward production environments.
  • Custom pattern development
  • History of superior performance servicing manufacturer production needs for over a decade.
  • A close working relationship with TWN Industries which allows us to fully service special needs

OEM & Production Water Transfer Printing

Here at Hydro Dip we understand the needs of large volume clients. We have successfully completed many large scale production contracts. Most of which require ISO 9000 standards. The ISO standard is a worldwide standard for quality and productivity tracking.

OEM water transfer printing requires a great deal of diligence to produce a quality product on budget and on schedule. Our facility and staff are trained for strict manufacturing standards and guidelines. OEM (original equipment manufacturing) is a term coined by companies from many market segments. Including but not limited to: automotive, aerospace, marine, health care, and recreation industries.

Production water transfer printing requires due diligence up front to ensure standards and guidelines are met. With hundreds of successfully fulfilled production contracts, Hydro Dip knows what it takes to succeed in a production environment.

Our production flow outline:

  1. Communication – A critical element to any successful production run comes down to communication. We keep the channel open from day one. We assign a production manager to each project from the beginning. You will know the cost, time line, and terms of payment prior to moving forward.
  2. Project outline – We put together a comprehensive plan of attack. This includes materials required for the job, from base coat to film to topcoat, order fulfillment timelines, jigs and tooling requirements, costs associated with production, and delivery dates.
  3. Check In – Upon approval and payment terms, our customers ship their products to our facility. Our staff then takes inventory. After inventory, we add the products to our production schedule.
  4. Tooling – We build tooling for your items. Tooling allows us to perform water transfer printing on multiple items. This process will streamline costs.
  5. Scheduling – We add the production requirements to our schedule.
  6. Production – We move into production based scheduling. Production consists of rigging the items to fixtures, prep of the items, adhesion promotion when required, priming, quality inspection, basecoat, film application, quality inspection, and finally top coat.
  7. Quality inspection – After top coat is applied and cure time is complete, we again inspect the items for quality. Our philosophy is to always provide the best quality prior to completion.
  8. Packaging – Our staff takes pride in packing each item to ensure there is no damage during the shipping process.
  9. Shipping, Order Fulfillment – Once the product has been securely packaged, we arrange for the items to be shipped via the carrier of your choice.
  10. Final payment – Based on the terms of your contract, final payment is then secured.

Each production cycle is unique. Our OEM clients require professionalism and accuracy, and we live up to that standard. Our goal is to provide the best OEM production water transfer printing available to ensure a long term mutually beneficial relationship. Our quality is second to none, and we guarantee your satisfaction. Water transfer printing is also known as hydrographics or hydro dipping. We have been an industry leader in production OEM work for the past 13 years. Please call us if you would like a free, no obligation prints quote.  

OEM Shop

Hydro-Dip’s™ OEM water transfer printing Shop specializes in servicing the needs of volume based customers or manufacturers.  Our Master Decorators understand that quality control and timely order fulfillment are the keys to success with large production runs.  We use only the highest quality products that meet all of the rigorous standards of the Automotive, Aircraft, and Marine industries. DuPont and House of Kolor products allow for the highest quality finishes in the Hydroprinting, and Hydro Dipping™ industry. Our team will be glad to help you tailor a program that best fits your decorating needs.   

All OEM jobs are performed on a quote basis. If you would like to discuss your company’s needs please contact Hydro-Dip™   They will guide you through the R&D and prototyping process in a timely manner and help you to determine the feasibility of using Hydro-Dipping™ and Hydrographic processes to decorate your parts.

Custom Shop

Our custom water transfer printing shop specializes in servicing the individual or single item customer needs.  In the custom shop our Master Decorators will help you bring your concept to a reality.  The

Hydrographic and Hydro Imaging process is relatively unlimited. Hydro-Dipping™ can be applied to almost any product with a rigid form. Custom products do require a special quote as different types of material may need a specialized base coat or preparation process prior to decorating.

Turn around time on individual film dipped items is running about 2-3 weeks.  If you are shipping parts please pack the parts as tightly as possible, securely wrapped and padded. Ship the parts to us prepaid and insured by USPS, UPS, FedEx or other parcel service. Hydro-Dip™ cannot be responsible for your parts until we physically receive them, so insure the shipment against loss for the replacement value of the parts

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