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Hydro-Dip decorative films offer a rich variety of color tone and effect to the decoration of airline cabin interiors. Styling options of the paint and film portfolio range from solid colors, brushed aluminum, and various designs including custom made patterns, Kevlar and wood grain looks. The distinctive, image-defining styling options give designers flexibility in creating cabin interiors that are attractive, stain resistant and easy to clean. The many styling options can enhance the cabin interior and contribute to passenger comfort.

  • Unlimited colors and effects
  • Extensive design flexibility

Developed in line with the stringent demands of the aerospace market, the Hydro-Dip decorative film range mirrors our on-going commitment to quality, service, innovation and the environment.  Hydro-Dip films can be applied to most common shapes or substrates used in aircraft cabin interiors.  The high elongation properties of the film and the dimensional stability in all directions offer excellent and consistent results.

  • Excellent conformability

Designed specifically to meet the stringent flame and smoke retardant standards, Hydro-Dip films are low heat release, low smoke release and low toxic gas. The ultra thin decorative films contribute to weight reduction and better fuel economy to airlines and fleet owners.

  • Meets stringent FA requirements
  • Lightweight

Design Support

Getting color right is fundamental to Hydro-Dip. Our team is constantly identifying color trends. Hydro-Dip has contributed to trends for cars, buildings, boats, recreational vehicles, and firearms. This connection with color is no different for the interior of aircraft. We understand the science of color.

Our expertise in color, coatings and films allows us to assist customers to optimize color placement in livery and interior designs to maximize effect and efficiency.

Unlimited colors and effects:

  • Custom made patterns
  • Kevlar
  • Wood grain effect
  • Metal design
  • Brushed stainless/aluminum
  • Stone and Marble
  • Abstract design

Technology you can trust

Equipped with nearly a decade of experience and technical know-how in the aerospace industry, Hydro-Dip Aerospace Coatings have set the standard for excellence in providing coatings and decorative films that meet the needs of customers worldwide.

We are committed to taking our products forward to create innovative and environmentally progressive solutions to further beautify, protect and enhance the performance of aircraft worldwide. 

Hydro-Dip Decorative Films - Design Perspective

Unlimited range of colors, effects, and designs Bring your design concept to commercial available products Unique interior aesthetics, no limitations for design
No impact on aesthetics by hydro-dipping Can be used on complex shapes Customize complex shapes with colors, special effects, and designs
Unrivalled color and reproducibility No color/effect difference between different batches, no cloudiness Protection of brand integrity

Hydro-Dip Decorative Films - Engineering Perspective

Low weight compared to conventional systems Less fuel consumption Lower emissions/operational costs
Uniform layer thickeness over the whole surface Consistent image (color & effect) between multiple parts. Lower weight compared to veneer Less rework, fast and reliable process
Consistent image (color & effect) of parts manufactured at different sites No color mismatch after assembly Less rework, fast and reliable process
Fast process to produce finished part On time in full Lower cost
VOC - free No VOC emission Support enviornmental policy
Global availability Same product available independant of geographic location Reduced operational costs, consistent quality
Low dirt adhesion, chemical resistant, stain resistant Unrivalled cleaning properties, excellent protection of substrate Lower cleaning costs, cleaner surface


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