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    Get production capabilities combined with a wide selection
    of design options from Hydro-Dip. With a long history of
    successful OEM programs, we continue to remain one of the
    industries premier North American hydrographic decorating
    When lives are at stake and deadlines need met, Hydro-Dip
    has a reputation for consistent, on time delivery. Servicing
    customers like the Department of Defense and United States
    Military, Hydro-Dip has remained on the leading edge with
    decorative concealment coatings designed to save lives.
    Fantastic design options for interior and exterior parts as well
    as engine components, intake manifolds, transmission housings
    and more can be protected and brought to life with the latest
    in hydro-dipping technology. We are second to none when it
    comes to details and the highest level in paint work.
    Hydro-Dip has offers the highest quality of camouflage finishes
    for the sporting enthusiast in the industry. Our paint systems
    and processes are leading edge offering a wide variety of
    rich and rugged decoration that will endure the
    elements for years to come.
    Get your prototypes from Hydro-Dip, from small,
    individual orders to mass production. Get that metal
    sheen or wood grain without the costs of real production.


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Hydro Dipping

Hydro Dipping How To: (This is the instruction manual included with the Kryptek Edition Hydro Dip Kit.)

The following hydro dipping instructions are posted here to help demonstrate the steps involved with the process.


Hydro Dip Kit Instructions

Hydro Dipping

Welcome to Kryptek Edition Hydro Dip Kit. This kit will allow you to prep, paint, dip, and clear coat items of your choice in your selected pattern. Hydro Dipping is a painting and dipping process using hazmat materials. In this manual and on the back of your aerosol cans, you will find complete instructions and safety information for this process.

Before you begin Hydro Dipping

You will need a dipping container. Make sure the container is large enough to accommodate both the size of your film and the part you are going to dip. Most objects will be dipped at a 30 degree angle. If you are dipping a rifle stock, be sure the stock can be fully submerged in the tank without touching the bottom or sides of dipping container. Bathtubs and sinks are not recommended due to clean up challenges. A variety of plastic containers are available at local box stores that vary in price. Locate your dip tank in an area that will not be exposed to wind, falling debris, or splashing water.


Your kit contains the following: (All products can be purchased separately at www.hydrodip.com)

  • 1 – 16 oz. can All-Surface Primer
  • 1 – 16 oz. can Film Activator formulated custom for the pattern in your kit.
  • 1 – 16 oz. can Base Coat Color
  • 1 – 16 oz. can Matte Clear Coat
  • 1 measurement Kryptek film 20” x 78” (equal to 1 square meter)
  • Prep-Wipe
  • Scuff Pad
  • Particulate Respirator (for dust only)
  • Touch-up Dabber tool
  • Instruction Manual Also downloadable at www.hydrodip.com

Clean and Prep Parts.

For good adhesion, surface must be free of dirt, grease, wax, rust, or moisture.

The following steps are important and will promote solid paint adhesion to your parts. This will add to durability and life expectancy of your protective Hydrodip coating.

  1. Using the provided Prep-Wipe clean parts thoroughly. All wax, grease, and contaminants MUST be removed.
  2. Use provided scuff pad to dull the surface. This causes micro scratches in the surface which will help the primer to mechanically bond with the base substrate for years to come.
  3. Re-clean the scuffed parts with the prep wipe.
  4. Be sure to mask any areas where paint and overspray is not desired.


Now is a great time to determine how you will manage the part while it is being painted. Hooks, masking tape, jigs, and various devices are commonly used here for holding, managing, and suspending parts during the spray processes.


Apply Hydro Dip All-Surface Primer & Base Color Paint

  1. MIX BY SHAKING CAN VIGOROUSLY. Allow metal ball to mix All-Surface primer thoroughly for one minute. Repeat during use.






  1. PRIME ITEM. Spray can upright 10”- 11” away from surface using sweeping motion side to side with slight overlap. Apply multiple THIN coats until coverage is achieved, wait 10 minutes (for primer) between each coat. (THIN TO WIN!) YOU MUST SPRAY THIN COATS!


  1. AFTER USE: To prevent clogs, hold can upside down and spray until clear gas appears. To clean overspray of if nozzle becomes clogged, wear eye protection and wipe with mineral spirits following solvent manufacturer’s instructions. DO NOT stick a pin in spray tip opening.


  1. After 15 -30 minutes (when primer is dry to the touch) you may begin painting. Repeat steps 1 thru 5 using Base Coat Color. Allow 5 minutes (for paint) between coats until coverage is achieved. Wait a minimum of 20 min for paint to dry before dipping.

Lay Hydrographic Film and Dip Parts

  1. Fill dipping container with 92 degrees F to 96 degrees F. Do not over fill your container. The container should not overflow while submerging items.
  2. Wet your finger and touch each side of your film on the edge. Be sure the sticky side is face down on the water.
  3. Place your pre-cut film on top of the water and wait 60 seconds before applying activator. Do not trap air bubbles under the film while laying film on the water.
  4. Mix Activator can by shaking vigorously, and cover nearby areas to protect from spray mist.
  5. Hold can 12” to 18” from surface of film and spray in even, consistent passes until the entire surface is wet and glossy. This is a critical step! Dry spots on the film will not yield positive results.
  6. Wait 15 to 20 seconds after applying activator before dipping your part. In general parts should be dipped in a slow and controlled fashion at a 30 degree angle to allow air to flow out from under your part. Do not trap air bubbles and avoid touching flat surfaces down on the film. This traps air bubbles and leaves speckles in your graphic.
  7. When removing dipped part from container avoid allowing dipping debris to stick on your part. Immediately begin a clean water rinse to wash away all of the liquefied film. The liquid film is clear and slimy like a butter coating on your part. Warm water will rinse it more quickly than cold. Lightly touch the part with wet fingers to feel for the slime. This must ALL be washed away. 5 to 7 minutes of fresh water will usually do the job.
  8. Allow part to air dry or help it with a fan or air compressor.

Touch Up Imperfections

  1. Touch up any imperfections that may exist. Place a few drops of activator on a small piece of film. Use your dabber as a paint brush to collect the color of ink you desire from the film. Dab this ink on areas you feel need a little help. Speckles, spots, air bubbles etc. Additionally you can use paint, markers, colored pencils and other items to help touch up. Air brushes work great!

Apply Protective Matte or High Gloss Clear Coat

  1. MIX BY SHAKING CAN VIGOROUSLY. Allow metal ball to mix All-Surface primer thoroughly for one minute. Repeat during use.
  4. CLEARCOAT YOUR ITEM. Spray can upright 10”- 11” away from surface using sweeping motion side to side with slight overlap. Apply a light tack coat, wait 5 min, apply medium wet coat, wait 10 min, apply final wet flow coat.
  5. AFTER USE: To prevent clogs, hold can upside down and spray until clear gas appears. To clean overspray of if nozzle becomes clogged, wear eye protection and wipe with mineral spirits following solvent manufacturer’s instructions. DO NOT stick a pin in spray tip opening.

Post Decoration Hydro Dipping Card

  1. Allow several hours for clear coat to dry before handling. Handling parts before clear coat is dry may result in damage to the new coating. Your coating will continue to harden for the next 30 days. Keep freshly painted items at room temperature during this time. When temps drop below 50 degrees F curing will cease.
  2. For cleaning, please handle this coating as you would the paint on your car. You can wash and dry with soap and water. Do not wax during the first 30 days.
  3. If you have any troubles please call Hydro Dip 541-523-6700 or email product_support@hydro-dip.com for technical help.

Hydro dipping, previously known as water transfer printing, is a method of applying printed graphics to three dimensional objects. Hydrodip’s decorative films offer a rich variety of color tone and effect to any three dimensional objects with a paintable surface. Styling options of the paint and film portfolio range from solid colors, brushed aluminum, and various designs including custom made patterns, kevlar and wood grain looks. Hydro dipping offers image-defining styling options and flexibility in creating decorative coatings that are attractive, stain resistant and easy to clean.

Developed in line with the stringent demands of the ever growing need for decorative protective coatings, the Hydro-Dip film range mirrors our on-going commitment to quality, service, innovation and the environment.  Hydro-Dip films can be applied to most common shapes or substrates used around the world.  The high elongation properties of the film and the dimensional stability in all directions offer excellent and consistent results. Hydro Dip has hydrographic printing experts that can quickly place your project on a path for water transfer printing success.

Please Note: Hydro-Dip has moved to a new location:

2300 Windmill Rd.

Baker City, OR 97814

Hydro Dipping Design Support

Getting color right is fundamental to Hydro-Dip. Our hydro dipping team is constantly identifying water transfer printing color trends. Hydro-Dip has contributed to trends for cars, buildings, boats, recreational vehicles, and firearms. Our expertise in color, coatings and films allows us to assist customers to optimize color placement in livery and interior designs to maximize effect and efficiency. There are unlimited colors and effects like Kevlar, wood grain effect, metal design, brushed stainless/aluminum, stone and marble, abstract design, as well as custom made patterns. Included in our hydro dipping services we offer both OEM water transfer printing services and custom one-off expertise.

Hydro Dipping Technology you can trust

Equipped with nearly a decade of experience and technical know-how in the industry, Hydro-Dip Coatings have set the standard for excellence in providing coatings and decorative films that meet the needs of customers worldwide.

We are committed to taking our products forward to create innovative and environmentally progressive solutions to further beautify, protect and enhance the performance every part we decorate.

DIY Hydro Dipping Kits

Don't forget to check out our DIY Hydro Dip Kits and water transfer printing films for sale. Our dip kits offer those interested in water transfer printing and hydro dipping, simple and affordable opportunity in the comfort of their homes. 


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