Licensed Camouflage Hydro Dip Kits


Designed for popular licensed film patterns which can be purchased separately. This kit includes every thing needed to dip items in the licensed pattern of your choice. Primer, paint, custom film activator, clear coat and other necessities are included. View Licensed Film Patterns Here

Premium hydrographic films provides a durable, high-resolution coating that can be transferred to any type of hard good. Utilizing the finest quality inks and PVA to ensure durability, consistency, and vibrant image transfer, premium Hydro dipping film is used by top manufacturers around the globe, and provides unrivaled UV resistance.

Offering the largest inventory of camouflage, carbon fiber, wood grain, metal, and stone hydrographic films, inventory includes over 130 camouflage hydro dip films from brands like KryptekNext CamoMoon Shine Camo, and others.

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(Film Sold Separately) Click Here to purchase licensed camouflage film

Kit Contents:

16 oz All-Surface Primer

16 oz Base Paint

16 oz Custom Film Activator

16 oz Clear Coat in Matte or High Gloss

Scuff Pad

Touch UP Dabber

Black Latex Protective Gloves

Prep-Wipe for cleaning and superior adhesion to parts.

Easy To Follow Instructions

Please see short video for correct film activation when using an aerosol spray can- CLICK HERE

If you have questions or need help with this kit please email


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