Kryptek Highlander


Why Hydro-Dip paint?

Hydro-Dip paint is a ready-to-spray basecoat formulated specifically for the hydrographic process.

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Hydro-Dip paint systems have been fine-tuned for the highest level performance with hydrographic applications. Hydro-Dip products are military grade and have been servicing DoD/SOCOM, US MIL for almost a decade.  Our support team is ready to help you with any and all questions concerning paint and dipping. Our paint eliminates the need for reducers, separate primers, or adhesion promoters. Degrease, scuff, and begin painting.

Detail and Function

  • Ready-to-Spray
  • Military-Grade currently in service around the world.
  • Protects and prevents rust
  • Will Not Freeze in Cold Weather
  • Exceptional Coverage
  • 18+ Month Dip Window
  • Chemically Bonds with Film and Clear Coat of all types.
  • Paint must soften for true hydrographic bond.
  • Direct to Metal, Plastic, Fiberglass, Wood, Bone, Chrome, Glass, Previously Painted Parts and More. Yes we still recommend primer for professional level work!
  • HDPE plastics require a more specific process. Flame treating is recommended before paint.


Choose colors just as you would any base coat paint color. Water transfer printing film is semi-transparent. Select a paint color that compliments your film. You can mix different Hydro-Dip colors to create your own variations.

Hydro-Dip’s color match selection was developed originally for TWN films. Our matches are not “ballpark.” They’re spot on!


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