HydroDip Pro Chemical Kit (Liquid Edition)


The Liquid Starter Kit is the next step up from our aerosol packages. These are the same liquid paint products we utilize at Hydro-Dip when dipping for OEM manufacturers like Weatherby, Browning, Rubbermaid, or the Department of Defense. If you’re ready to start off with professional level products that will build your business, and give you the confidence to take on customers of all levels, this is a super affordable kit to get started with.

  • 50 meters of film. Choose 10 patterns!
  • Gallon White Base Paint
  • Gallon Tan Base Paint
  • 8 – 6 oz Aerosol 6-Packs of Assorted Sample Color Base Paint
  • Gallon Kit All-Surface Primer w/hardener
  • Gallon Kit High Gloss Clear Coat w/hardener
  • Gallon Kit Matte Clear Coat w/hardener
  • Gallon Hydro Dip Film Activator
  • Professional grade HVLP Automotive Spray Gun
  • Detail Spray Gun
  • Professional grade Air Brush Kit
  • 1 Box Scuff Pads
  • 1 Box Latex Gloves
  • Digital Laser Temp Gun for checking surface water temperature
  • 1 Gallon Prep-All
  • 5 Dupil-Color Prep-Wipes
  • 5 Piece Detail/Touch-Up Paint Brush Set