High Gloss Clear Coats


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6 oz and 16 oz. Aerosol Spray Cans of High Gloss Clear Coat Finish are fast drying, and can be dry to the touch in as little as 5-10 min. allow 12 hours to fully cure Specially formulated for Hydro-Dip™

The 2K Liquid clear is mixed 4:1 with hardener that is included with your kit.


  • Low VOC
  • Excellent sprayability
  • Excellent polishability
  • Fast drying
  • Hard surface directly after baking
  • Great flow and appearance
  • Durable


  • Reduced material costs, increased efficiency and profitability
  • Easy-to-use product with a smooth application
  • A brilliant appearance
  • Saves on energy costs, improves dip shop capacity
  • Great finish
  • Long lasting finish


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