HD-Prym1 Woodlands (100cm)


Prym1 Woodlands® has been developed as a concealment solution, built for the active hunter in wooded terrain.

The pattern evolved on the basis of our vision for the future. That in today’s world, the active hunter wants to get out and stalk after their quarry by taking full advantage of their surroundings, just like a predator would.

This vision led us to produce a non-directional, hybrid camouflage designed specifically using organic, varying shapes rather than sticks and leaves to help achieve a natural concealment with the flora and fauna, whilst also offering the hunter the flexibility of movement across their terrain.

Film is sold in 100 cm widths by the (linear meter), in one continuous length on the roll.

  • This film is sold on the roll by the (linear meter), and sealed in plastic to protect from humidity.
  • Soak 60 seconds @ 92 degrees F
  • Activator- Hydro Shizz
  • Hydro-Dip highly recommends All-Surface Primer before painting anything. The primer will create adhesion to the base substrate. This will extend the life and durability of your coating significantly. Professionals should not skip the primer step.


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Prym1 Woodlands® is truly effective across varying distances.  But, specifically, it allows the hunter to cut the distance on their quarry, providing a closer more successful, ethical shot – when it matters most.

Naturally, light diffuses and fragments through a woodland, be it through the overhead canopy of leaves and branches onto the woodland understory. This can be found in either dappled sun, full sun, or complete shade, resulting in areas of high and low contrast. These varying areas of contrast and shadow, created by broken up fragments of natural light contribute to the break up of an outline and helps camouflage.

Prym1 Camo utilised this core concept to mimic the fragmentation of a solid form, the hunter, by producing a pattern made up of organic, varying shapes to help fool the eye.

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Premium Film Pricing (100 cm width)

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