HD-Prym1 Tundra White (100 CM)




Built for those environments that endure long white-out Winters, Prym1 Tundra [White] is your go-to Winter concealment. After extensive testing across a multitude of arctic environments, we found the perfect pattern color-way to keep you blended in, whilst stationary or on the move through the snow. 

Film is sold in 100 cm widths by the (linear meter), in one continuous length on the roll.

  • This film is sold on the roll by the (linear meter), and sealed in plastic to protect from humidity.
  • Soak 60 seconds @ 92 degrees F
  • Activator- Hydro Shizz
  • Hydro-Dip highly recommends All-Surface Primer before painting anything. The primer will create adhesion to the base substrate. This will extend the life and durability of your coating significantly. Professionals should not skip the primer step.


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The Arctic Tundra is a harsh environment, that only the toughest plants and animals can survive in.
The habitat often endures long and brutal Winters, which can provide the hunter many challenges to be able to hunt effectively across this barren, white landscape, especially with a concealment that suits this environment.

Prym1 Tundra White is specifically made up of a  blend of white & earth tones to give you a concealment system that helps both to match snow-covered terrain either out in the open or in varying high contrast/shadow areas of snow-covered woodland. This pattern has been tested extensively by personnel who hunt specifically in the likes of Scandinavia, Alps regions and North America.

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Premium Film Pricing (100 cm width)

3 Meters ($55.50), 5 Meters ($92.50), 10 Meters ($182.50), 15 Meters ($270), 20 Meters ($360), 25 Meters ($425)