HVLP Detail Spray Gun Kit


Mini Black N’ Blue Detail Spray Gun

  • Suitable for all your small spraying needs.
  • Composite construction for lightweight and comfortable for longtime operation even in winter time.
  • Requires minimum 3/4 hp compressor, HVLP (High Volume Low Pressure) to get the best finish possible, Super-precision external mix cap for perfect pattern.
  • Built-in 3 control knobs: Fluid control that regulates amount of paint sprayed, Pattern control adjusts the fan pattern size, and air adjustment valve to change how hard your air pressure is.
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Composite gravity feed HVLP spray gun designed to spray small parts and tight corners. The spray gun has fluid and pattern controls. Supplied with a 4.2 oz. (100 ml) gravity feed cup, with 0.8mm nozzle. Can handle anywhere from 20 – 43 PSI, a good general pressure to start spraying at is 30 PSI.

Kit include:
Extra spanner
Handle Tooth Brush
Plastic and Aluminum Cup
10-120 Mesh Paper Filter Funnel


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