2K Aerosol Semi-Matte Clear


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Hydro-Dip 2k Clear Coat, Aerosol

Hydro-Dip 2K Clearcoat is a matte, 2-component clearcoat for the permanent sealing of plain, metallic and hydrographic coatings. This product stands out for its permanent weathering and chemical resistance, and its excellent resistance to petroleum.

Step your game up with 2k Premium Matte Clear Coat! Enjoy greater durability, longer UV life, superior scratch and mar resistance, along with a smooth flat matte sheen. If you’re seeking an awesome professional grade matte finish in a spray can, this is it!

Key features of the Hydro-Dip 2k Clear Coat, Aerosol:

  • Greatest abrasion and scratch resistance
  • Smooth flowing formula
  • Permanent flat matte finish
  • No color tone deviation
  • Also suitable at higher ambient temperatures
  • Use for touch-ups on parts and repair paint areas
  • 400 ml cans


  • 1-2 Applications
  • Flash Off Time: 10 min
  • Drying times:
    • 12h at 68°F
    • 35-30 min at 140°F


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