2 Meter Hydro Dip Kit 6 oz.


The Hydro-Dip kit is the most user friendly kit on the market. This kit was designed with the beginner dipper in mind. This kit will provide a long-lasting, and durable finish on the items chosen for decoration. Firearms, sporting goods, hunting and fishing equipment, automotive interior/exteriors, XBOX and PS3 controllers, even shoes! can all be decorated with this kit. Any paintable surface that will fit in your dipping container.

Easy To Follow Instructions Download Instruction Manual Here

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How To Lay Film On Water

How To Activate Film Using An Aerosol Can

Please see short video for correct film activation when using an aerosol spray can

Kit Contents:

6 oz All-Surface Primer

6 oz Base Paint

6 oz Hydro Shizz Film Activator

6 oz Clear Coat in Matte or High Gloss

Scuff Pad

Touch UP Dabber

Black Latex Protective Gloves

Prep-Wipe for cleaning and superior adhesion to parts.

2 Linear Meters of Hydro Dipping Film (approx. 20”x 80”)

Easy To Follow Instructions

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CF100 Lamborghini Weave, CF101 Black Speed Weave, CF102 Black Bomber Weave, CF103 Silver Ink Check Fiber, CF106 Honeycomb Fiber, CF107 Blue Candy Carbon Fiber, CF108 Nimbus Carbon Fiber, CF110 Bad Boy Purple Chrome Fiber, CF111 Bad Boy Pink Chrome Fiber, CF112 Bad Boy Silver Chrome Fiber, CF113 Bad Boy Green Chrome Fiber, CF114 Bad Boy Red Chrome Fiber, CF115 Carbon Twill, CF117 Black Stallion, CF120 Tiffany Weave, CF123 Gray Check Carbon Fiber, CF125 Silver Zag Weave, CF126 AF Carbon, CF131 Double Diamond, CF135 Micro Carbon Fiber, CF136 Reduced Twill, CF137 Silver Carbon, CF139 V carbon, CF142 Houndstooth Small, CF143 Houndstooth Med, CF144 Houndstooth LG, CM200 Fall Cover, CM201 Military Cloth, CM202 Blue/Gray Digital, CM203 Dense Brush, CM204 Army Combat, CM205 Storm, CM206 Blue/Gray Plus, CM207 Winter Hydrotarn, CM208 Epic, CM209 Epic Extreme, CM210 Back Woods, CM212 Red Leaf, CM216 VNR Tiger Stripe, CM217 VN Tiger Stripe, CM218 Winter Hard Woods, CM219 Alpha Tango, CM221 Black-Gray Digital, CM222 Tree Bark, CM223 Brown Digital Camo, CM224 Combat Digital Camo, CM228 Pink Camo, CM229 Snow Thrash, CM232 Duck Doom, CM234 Gone Green, CM238 Twisted Timber, CM240 Purple Oak, CM241 New Wave, CM242 Fishn Camo, CM244 Hard Woods 1, CM245 Hard Woods 2, CM246 Hard Woods 3, CM247 Harvest Woods, CM248 Stripe Digital, CM249 NC Woods Green, CM250 Deep Bark, CM253 Swampland Camo, CM254 Green Leaf, CM260 Block Digital, CM261 Blue Camo, CM262 Brown Digital, CM264 Circuit Digital, CM265 Combat Digital, CM266 Congo Digital, CM267 Faded Desert Digital, CM268 Tie Dye Camo, CM272 Grunt digital, CM274 Jungle Digital, CM275 marsh digital, CM276 Moss Camo, CM277 mountain digital, CM278 Cattail Creek, CM279 Navy Digital, CM280 New Army Digital, CM281 Old School Camo, CM282 orange digital, CM284 Pink Digital, CM285 Pixel Camo, CM286 Blue Army Digital, CM287 Shark Camo, CM288 Snow Digital, CM289 Bone Fish, CM291 Thorn Digital, CM293 Urban Digital, CM294 Urban Snow, CM296 All Season Camo, CM297 Autumn Leaf, CM298 GI Digital Camo, CM-A-2 Jagged Camo, CM-A-4 deer brush, CM-A-5 Duck O Flage, CM-A-7 Fall Maple, CM-A-8 NC Woods, CM-A-9 winter oak, CM-A-10 Spruce camo, CM-A-14 Mangled, CM-A-15 Marshland, CM-A-17 Spring Brush, CM-A-18 Spring Maple, CM-A-21 Snow Brush, SKL300 Dream Dweller, SKL301 Mini Real Skulls, SKL302 Green-Eye Skulls, SKL303 Nightmare, SKL304 Candy Skulls, SKL305 Grim, SKL306 Trick or Treat, SKL307 Creeper Skull, SKL308 Skull Fingers, SKL309 Venom Skulls, SKL311 The Gambler, SKL313 Skull Matrix, SKL314 Zombie, SKL316 Zombie Girls, SKL317 Hell Rider, SKL318 Necroscope, SKL319 Sinister Skulls, SKL320 Zombie Girls Universal, SKL321 Zombie Hatchet, SKL322 Dripping Skulls, SKL324 Bone Yard, SKL325 Remembranza, SKL326 Gear Skulls, SKL328 Skull Yard, SKL329 Dead Maiden, SKL330 Nuked Skulls, SKL331 Negative Ghost Rider, SKL332 Skull Yard Black and White, SKL333 Elvis Skulls, SKL334 Chicana Color, SKL338 Medium Real Skulls, SKL339 Large Real Skulls, SKL340 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Paisley, I-29 Bandana Paisley, I-30 Rusty Paisley, CT500 Sticker Bomb Moto, CT501 Little Monsters, CT503 Party Animal, CT506 Energy, CT507 Cartoon Creatures, CT510 Super Spreader, W600 Dark English Walnut, W601 Rosewood, W602 Circassian Walnut, W603 Burl Wood, W604 Midnight Train, W605 Cracked Knot, W606 Walnut, W608 Baseball Bat, W610 Iron Pine, W611 Fruitwood, W612 Black Walnut, W613 African Mahogany, W614 Burl Wood Grain, W616 Peruvian Walnut, W617 Coastal Ash, W618 Old Growth, W619 French Oak, W620 Brown Texture, W621 Blue Board, W622 Gray Birdseye, W623 Auburn Maple, W624 Brown Birdseye, FLM701 Biker Flames, FLM702 Zombie Flame, FLM706 Pinkes Feuer, FLM707 Purgatory, FLM709 Inferno, FLM710 Fireball, BM800 Brushed Steel, BM801 Brushed Aluminum, BM802 LIQUID METAL, BM803 Diamond Plate, BM804 Brushed Titanium, A900 Pantheria Tigris, A901 Leopard, A902 Snake Skin, A904 Tropical Fish, A905 Cheetah Print, A906 Cow Print, A907 Gator Skin, A914 Wolf, M1000 Light Marble, M1002 Brown Marble, M1005 Dark Marble, FLG1107 Texas Flag, FLG1108 Don't Tread On Me, FLG1109 Thin Red Line, F1201 Candy Fireworks, F1202 Country Garden, F1203 Rose Garden, F1204 Happy Hippie

Clear Coat

Matte Clear Coat, High Gloss Clear Coat

Base Color

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