2 Meter Hydro Dip Kit 6 oz.


The Hydro-Dip kit is the most user friendly kit on the market. This kit was designed with the beginner dipper in mind. This kit will provide a long-lasting, and durable finish on the items chosen for decoration. Firearms, sporting goods, hunting and fishing equipment, automotive interior/exteriors, XBOX and PS3 controllers, even shoes! can all be decorated with this kit. Any paintable surface that will fit in your dipping container.

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Please see short video for correct film activation when using an aerosol spray can

Kit Contents:

6 oz All-Surface Primer

6 oz Base Paint

6 oz Hydro Shizz Film Activator

6 oz Clear Coat in Matte or High Gloss

Scuff Pad

Touch UP Dabber

Black Latex Protective Gloves

Prep-Wipe for cleaning and superior adhesion to parts.

2 Linear Meters of Hydro Dipping Film (approx. 20”x 80”)

Easy To Follow Instructions

Additional information


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Base Color

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Clear Coat

Matte Clear Coat, High Gloss Clear Coat


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