Licensed Film Kits

Hydro Dip can apply licensed films to customer parts. Additionally, we build kits designed to be used with many of the top selling premium licensed patterns like KUIU, Kryptek, Next, Moon Shine Camo, and others. There are a few ways the premium films are superior to most industry standard films:

UV Stability: Sophisticated ink packages that maintain color fastness after years of sun exposure. All  films are UV stable.
Print Quality: Hydro dipping film is manufactured in an ISO 9001:2008 certified facility and meticulously crafted. Films go through a stringent quality control process that ensures precise registration and consistent coloration.
Consistency: Water Transfer Printing film is consistent from pattern to pattern.
Color Accuracy: The latest in color measuring technology is utilized to ensure patterns meet the correct color requirements post application.
Superior PVA: Premium grade PVA provides greater flexibility and wrapping characteristics. This improves processing capabilities when dipping large parts and parts with highly complex geometry.