Laser and Holographics Patterns

Want a look that is out of this world? Laser Holographic films are a new kind of Hydro Dipping film, offering a strong laser holographic effect. The effects you can get from these films are none you have ever seen before, pair them up with our 2K High Gloss Clear Coat and you’ll need to wear sun glasses at night just to be able to look at these stunning pieces!

NOTE:  These films are different than normal wtp film. All of these films are in the experimental stage. We have not perfected them! We cannot guarantee perfect results. We offer basic guidelines based on our experience. Some of these films work without activator and some do not. If you are wanting to play around with them, we have them. If you need perfect results immediately, we do not recommend toying with these films. They seem to be tricky, proceed at your own risk.

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