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The prototyping process allows our technicians the opportunity for hands-on experience with your parts. Valuable information is tracked and recorded during this phase of the process.

  • Specific prep and paint needs for you substrates are determined.
  • Part management – Increased efficiency and quality are directly impacted through the ability to consistently manage parts throughout the production process.
  • Special needs your project may have are identified at this time.
  • Exact processing times and parameters associated with painting and/or various chemical processes are determined and logged.
  • Dipping techniques are determined, which allow for the highest level graphic application possible.
  • Finally, projections are made for cost, capacity, and necessary lead times.

No Job is too small. Although we specialize in a production environment we do have a portion of our facility dedicated to one offs and retail jobs.

  • Formal quotes will be provided after Hydro-Dip has had the opportunity for hands-on time with your pieces.
  • Time will be reduced if you provide detailed drawings during the early stages of the prototyping process.
  • Hydro-Dip photo documents and catalogues every box and piece during both the prototyping and production phases of our process.
  • Production management software allows client to view real-time status of any P.O. through an issued web portal anytime of day or night.

You ship it - We dip it!

WE ARE FAST! Hydro-Dip works around the clock. If you need fast turn times, you've come to the right place!

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