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Hydro-Dip is not accepting custom work at this time.

(we are accepting rifle stocks only)


FIREARM DISASSEMBLY: All firearms including archery equipment must be disassembled prior to arrival at the Hydro-Dip facility, unless other arrangements have been made. If requested, we have an assembly/disassembly service available. Pricing will be determined on a per case basis.

Please print and send with your parts. Please disassemble all firearms including: bows, AR's, bolt rifles, shotguns, pistols. before shipping. Send us only the parts you wish to have decorated.




Upgrade to our Hydro-Grit True Matte Clear $25 It's AWESOME to the touch!

Matte, Semi-Gloss, and High Gloss Finishes available

We also offer solid colors

Complete Shotguns (Butt stock, forearm, barrel, receiver, end cap, and trigger guard). $300
Complete Over & Under Shotgun $300
Stock Only $75
Forearm Only $60
Barrel Only $90
Receiver Only $70
Masking- Bedding area, barrel channel, butt pad  $25
Complete Rifle* (Barrel, Action, Stock) $200
Black Powder Rifle* $200
Rifle Stock Only $125
Target Stock or Thumbhole Stock $175

Rifle Barrel/Receiver Only

Bench Rest Stocks (Gloss Show Finish) $500
Gun Accessories
Scope Rings and Base $40
Scopes: We will mask off numbering/lines and lenses.  
Scope - Standard (At Owner's Risk/Not Warrented) $100
Choke Tube $20
Extension Tube $30
Bolt Handle (At Owner's Risk/Not Warrented) $25
Trigger Guard $20
Floor Plate $20

Note: Scopes will have to be fully submerged in water -no warranty will be issued. Scope waiver form required.

These items will not be warranted. Please make sure your gun is fully disassembled before shipping it to us.

AR-15 Style Rifles and Parts

Completely disassemble your AR. Send only parts you wish to have dipped. If dipping barrel it can remain attached to upper.

The coating may make for a snug fit in some areas which may need extra attention when putting parts back together. We are not responsible for damage caused during reassembly.

Complete AR Style Rifle (Includes Buttstock, Handguard, Upper/Lower, Grip, and one Mag.) $359
AR Furniture Set (Buttstock, handguard, pistol grip.) $165
AR Upper Only $90
AR Lower Only $90
AR Upper/Lower Combo $180
Buttstock $70
Handguard (Standard) $60
Grip $30
Buffer Tube $30
Charging Handle $20
Barrel Only $65
Magazine (20 - 30 Round) $30, add $5 to mask windows

Rails (4)

Complete Pistol $200
Revolver Frame Only $100
Top Slide Only $100
Frame Only $100
Pistol Grip (such as 1911 grips per set of 2) $45
Paintball or Air Guns & Accessories
All paintball guns must be disassembled prior to shipment.
Complete Paintbal or Air Gun (Proto Style or Similar) with hopper and tank $200
Paintball Gun (Proto Style or Similar) $225
Complete Paintball Gun (Tippman style rifle or similar) with hopper and tank $250
Stock Only $75
Paintball Rifle (Tippman style or similar) $270
Barrel Only - Single $60
Air Tank $70
Stock Only $70
Hopper $85
Face Mask $85
Bows & Accessories

If your bow or bow parts have a rubberized or soft feel coating, please strip before shipping to Hydro-Dip.

The coating may make for a snug fit (limb pockets, etc) which may need extra attention when putting parts back together. We are not responsible for damage caused during reassembly.

Complete Bow* (Riser** and Limbs) $225
Riser Only $170
Limbs Only (2 Standard or 4 Split) $90*
Cams or Wheels $40
Limb Pockets (both) $30
Quiver (Top Only) $35
Stabilizer $35 up to 6", $55 7" and up
Quiver Hood $30
Quiver - Complete (non rubber parts only) $65

If your items are not listed, please contact us.

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