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Film Application Service

Offering the highest level in hydrographics for nearly a decade, Hydro-Dip’s TWN certified staff will ensure your project is completed well beyond industry standard every time. We hold a manufacturer FFL allowing you to ship firearms directly to us.

Licensed vs. Unlicensed Film

Hydro-Dip can apply both licensed and unlicensed films to your projects. However, our licensed films are not available for resale or in kit form.

Processing Time

Our standard processing time for non-production related projects is 4 weeks from the day your parts arrive at the Hydro-Dip processing facility. Expedite service (7-10 business days) is available on a per case basis to help with time sensitive deliveries.


Our application experts will apply only the highest grade professional products to your projects. These are the same products we use in manufacturer production environments. Our wide array of paint systems allow us to offer only the most durable applications specific to your substrate and how it will be used.


Please package your parts with care. After processing we will wrap your newly decorated parts in felt for return shipping. Please be sure your box has enough space to accommodate the extra material during return shipping.

How it works

1. Complete our online order form and ship parts to:


2300 Windmill Rd.

Baker City, OR 97814

2. Allow 4 weeks for completion of your project. At the time of completion we will contact you via telephone to collect credit card payment, unless this information was provided on the order form.

3. When your parts arrive PLEASE be careful. The paint products will continue to cure over next 30 days. Your coating will be significantly more durable after this cure time.

4. Refrain from allowing contact with solvent or other chemicals during the first 30 days.

541-523-6700 or E-mail


Call, E-Mail, or look at our Pricing for details.

FIREARM AND ARCHERY DISASSEMBLY:  All firearms, including archery equipment, must be disassembled prior to arrival at Hydro-Dip unless other arrangements have been made. If requested, we have an assembly/disassembly service available. Prices for assembly/disassembly are:  AR style rifles $100, pistols $75, shotguns and most standard rifles $50. This service is not available for archery equipment.Please print and send with your parts.

Please disassemble all firearms including: bows, AR's, bolt rifles, shotguns, pistols, ect. before shipping.

Customer Care Center

2300 Windmill Rd.
Baker City, OR 97814