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Hydro Dip | Hydro Dipping Service | Professional Hydrographic Printing

Want To Decorate Your Products?

Hydro Dip provides hydrographic decoration solutions for small business, all manufacturers with globally branded products. Industry leader in military, firearms, medical equipment, outdoors, and more.

Hydro Dipping Solutions

  • Automation– Automated  and static equipment.
  • Durability– Protective durable finishes.
  • Expertise– 13 years exceeding industry standards.

Project Analysis

  • Project Review:  present proof of concept.
  • Feasibility:  decorate visual prototypes.
  • Paint System Identification:  identification of optimal paint systems/process, expected durability/destructive testing per customer need.
  • Marketing/Design Collaboration:  Hydro-Dip is in accord with the hottest moving patterns for most industries.

Industry-Leading Patterns

Hydro-Dip is a worldwide leader in Hydro Dipped coatings.  We are known for providing high-quality films, activators, and paint applications that allow small business, and manufacturer products to stand above the competition.


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