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About Us

Hydro-Dip specializes in Hydro Dipping, Hydrographics and Water Transfer Printing. We provide a custom decorating service that utilizes some of the most advanced technology in the decorating industry.

With our Hydro Dipping™ HYDROGRAPHICS process we have the ability to print the latest and most popular patterns such as carbon fiber and well known camouflage lines on flat surfaces or surfaces with complex contours without leaving seams or voids.

In addition to Carbon Fiber and Camouflage we also carry a popular line of wood grains, burl woods, stones, marbles, metals and many other abstract patterns.


Scott and Todd Springer of Hydro-Dip

Hydro-Dip and the term Hydro-Dipping began in 2007 with two brothers and a dream.

We are both avid outdoorsmen and our story began when our father handed down several rifles we wanted camouflaged. We tried camouflage tapes and socks but the results were disappointing and we soon realized the damage being done to our equipment. What we really wanted was the camouflage finish we had seen on guns in Cabelas. Google searches yielded few results of answers to our questions. We couldn't understand why this service or process seemed so secretive and why it wasn't readily available to the everyday sportsman like ourselves.

Determined to find the answer, we continued our search and found water transfer printing would be our answer. There was still no one with the technology who were offering the service to camouflage our individual rifles. Why? At that time the process was reserved for volume customers and manufacturers. We were going to have to find the solution ourselves and this is how the Hydro-Dip vision was born.

We researched and finally tracked down the supplier of the products and explained our interest in bringing the process to small volume and one-off customers. To our dismay, we were told, "NO;" that we had not been accepted to the decorating network and we didn't qualify to purchase product. This fueled our fire. After months of tireless efforts, we were finally awarded acceptance into the network and Hydro-Dip's doors finally opened. Our vision was to bring custom, high quality decoration and service to all customers both large and small. Hydro-Dip would make the process available to all. 

We immediately realized camouflage was only one niche of many. Through the dipping process, we could achieve not only camouflage finishes but realistic wood grains, carbon fibers, and stones not to mention a wild array of abstract graphics on nearly any paintable, 3-dimmensional item.

Our goal was to perfect the techniques and educate people about the capabilities and benefits of Hydro-Dipping. Todd oversaw quality control and NOTHING left our shop without his scrutiny and approval. Not only were we able to catch the attention of the small volume and retail customers, but were attracting interest from large, well-know brands. 

Over the years we have had the fortune to gain experience in nearly every industry from corporate jet interiors to OEM rifle manufactures while not losing sight of our original goals of bringing the process to all, big and small. Our quest for excellence and custom approach to every job has elevated us to the top of the industry and gained us the reputation as being one of the best. 

Many of you reading this have heard the term Hydro-Dipping or have seen others making Hydro-Dipping claims about their services. Make no mistake, we are the ones who coined the term "Hydro-Dipping" and our shop is Hydro-Dip. We have worked countless hours perfecting what we do and are proud of our work and reputation. There have been  ups and downs, but what a ride! We will always maintain rigid quality control and cater to our customers whether it be a single person or a large corporation and we thank each and every customer for trusting us to decorate their item/s.

Scott & Todd Springer


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2300 Windmill Rd.
Baker City, OR 97814