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Hydro-Dip specializes in Hydro Dipping, Hydrographics and Water Transfer Printing. We provide a custom decorating service that utilizes some of the most advanced technology in the decorating industry.

With our Hydro Dipping™ HYDROGRAPHICS process we have the ability to print the latest and most popular patterns such as carbon fiber and well known camouflage lines on flat surfaces or surfaces with complex contours without leaving seams or voids.

In addition to Carbon Fiber and Camouflage we also carry a popular line of wood grains, burl woods, stones, marbles, metals and many other abstract patterns.



Founded in 2007, locally owned and operated in Baker City, OR, Hydro-Dip has been providing high quality products and decoration services to customers across the United States and internationally. Hydro-Dip offers a wide range of pattern options for industrial, retail, commercial, healthcare, and residential use. Custom capabilities coupled with short lead times make Hydro-Dip a favorite among a wide array of industries.

Excellence is our goal. This goal is no different in dealing with your custom program! Regardless of the application, Hydro-Dip can work with you to ensure final finish  is exactly to specification and meets the application exactly as expected.

If you have questions, we have the answers. When it comes to your program, we care as much as you, and we will be there for you from beginning to end to ensure the highest quality product is delivered to you or your customer.