Hydro Dipping with Kryptek Pattern

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Hydro Dip Supplies

Hydro Dipping Business Starter Packagehttps://www.hydrodip.com/product-category/hydro-dip-business-starter-packages/For over a decade Hydro-Dip has provided superior hydrographics supplies to companies around the globe. We have a diverse selection film, equipment, and all supplies required to perform the process at all levels. Our materials are rigorously tested and used by companies large and small.

Start your own hydrographics business! Check out our Business Starter Packages.

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We Can Hydro Dip For You

Equipped with nearly a decade of experience and technical know-how in the industry, Hydro-Dip Coatings have set the standard for excellence in providing coatings and decorative films that meet the needs of customers worldwide.

We are committed to taking our products forward to create innovative and environmentally progressive solutions to further beautify, protect and enhance the performance of every part we decorate.

Hydrographic Tank

Business Starter Packages

Looking to start your own business? Hydo-Dip has you covered! Our packages are a turn-key solution designed for anyone.

Aerosol DIY Dip Kit

Beginner & Advanced Level

Hydro Dip Kits are designed for the entry level dipper or hobbyist looking to graphically enhance personal items.

Hydro Dipping Films and Water Transfer Printing

View Licensed Films

Hundreds of pattern options available, including all of the premium patterns you love most.

Hydro-Dip Featured Products

Hydro Dip Tank Packages

Small Biz Starter Dip Tank Kit

Are you wanting to start your own business?  This kit offers everything needed to begin dipping immediately. This tank plugs directly into the wall, it’s light weight, and minimizes investment risk for people starting out, and is one of the very best on the market.

Hydrographic Dip Tank Package

4' Foot Stainless Kit


The 4′ Foot Stainless is a great starter tank for  home-based businesses that requires a little smaller foot print. This tank will plug directly into your wall and have you dipping like the pros very quickly.

Hydrographic Dip Kits

2 Meter Hydro Dip Kit 6 oz.

The Hydro-Dip kit is the most user friendly kit on the market. This kit was designed with the beginner dipper in mind. This kit will provide a long-lasting, and durable finish on the items chosen for decoration: firearms, sporting goods, hunting and fishing equipment, automotive, and more… 

Multicam Dipped Military Helmet


When lives are at stake and deadlines need met, Hydro-Dip has a reputation for consistent on time delivery. Servicing customers like the Department of Defense, our concealment coatings …

Medical Parts


Each year Hydro-Dip decorates thousands of medical parts for OEM programs. When it comes to  premier level decoration, we have the expertise to bring your visions to fruition.

ATV Dipped in Kryptek Highlander


Hydro-Dip has offered the highest quality of camouflage finishes in the industry for the sporting enthusiast for nearly over a decade. With durability and dependability in mind, we’ll find a solution for you!

Automotive Water Transfer Printing

Other Industries

Whether it’s nautical, aerospace, automotive, or hobbyist concepts, our team will implement protoyping processes and procedures to meet specific needs in a myriad of environments.

Hydro Dipping - Water Transfer Printing

Hydro dipping, previously known as water transfer printing, is a method of applying printed graphics to three dimensional objects. Hydrodip’s decorative films offer a rich variety of color tone and effect to any three dimensional objects with a paintable surface. Styling options of the paint and film portfolio range from solid colors, brushed aluminum, and various designs including custom made patterns, kevlar and wood grain looks. This process offers image-defining styling options and flexibility in creating decorative coatings that are attractive, stain resistant and easy to clean.


Developed in line with the stringent demands of the ever growing need for decorative protective coatings, the Hydro-Dip film range mirrors our on-going commitment to quality, service, innovation and the environment. Films can be applied to most common shapes or substrates used around the world. The high elongation properties of the film and the dimensional stability in all directions offer excellent and consistent results. Hydro Dip has hydrographic printing experts that can quickly place your project on a path for water transfer printing success.

Hydro Dipping Carbon Fiber


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