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Tribostatic Powder Coating

What is a Tribo- Powder Coating System?


Hydro-Dip introducing a new method of applying powder coating and we are the exclusive US distributor for this new Tribo-Powder Gun.



The difference between Tribo Powder Technologies as compared to Conventional Powder Coating Systems is that you no longer need the Electro Static Unit which cost between $800- $5000.00.  The Tribo Powder Gun System charges the powder internally which creates the static within the powder which will then apply to metals, glass, wood or plastic, whereas Conventional Powder Coating Systems create a magnetism within the metal through the expensive Electro Static Unit.  With conventional Electro Static Systems, you shower the item with powder, thus producing large amounts of powder waste that falls to the floor. With the Tribo Powder Gun, your powder waste is reduced dramatically because the powder is pre-charge, providing better coverage.


Electrostatic Applications have challenges of adhering to anything expect metals since it has to create a current throughout the item that needs to be coated. Tribo Powder Coatings eliminates Faraday Caging and Back Ionization which is a common problem with conventional powder coating within joints or angles.  Since the powder is pre-charged, powder adheres to all the problem areas without problem.


We worked closely with Companies in Denmark to develop the Tribo-Powder Coating Gun.  The Tribo Gun can be used in both small and large applications with minimal waste of powder, thus saving you nearly half your powder cost. The cost of entry with the Tribo-Powder System is just a fraction of the cost as compared to the Conventional Powder coating Electro Static units. 


If you are an existing conventional type Powder Coating Shop, adding this system to your tool set will eliminate faraday caging, back Ionizarion and reduce your powder cost while providing an excellent finish to your projects.


thousands of Tribo compatible powder Colors are available.


Requirements- Air pressure 2-7 PSI to gun (depending on powder) and access to an outlet with a ground.


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Tribostatic Powder Coating - Page 1 of 4

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