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Plastic Hydro Dip Tanks

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Custom Tank Package Deal

10 Rolls Hydrographic Film

4 Cans Aerosol Film Activator

6 Cans Aerosol Base Coat Paint

2 Cans Aerosol High Gloss Clear Coat, 2 Cans Aerosol Matte Clear Coat

4 Cans All Surface Primer

4 Cans Wizard Wash


Hydro Dip Tank Start Up Kit

Are you wanting to start your own business?  This kit offers everything needed to begin dipping immediately. This tank plugs directly into the wall, it's light weight, and minimizes investment risk for people starting out. This kit is one of the very best on the market. We can help you tailor the kit to fit your budget and customize based on your individual needs. Shoot us an email- we can have you up and running quickly!

Plastic Dip Tank
Plastic Hydro Dip Tanks - Page 1 of 1


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