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Dip Stick Dipping Tank

The most cost effective dipping tank on the market! Specifically designed for dipping ½ meter wide hydrographic water transfer films.

Our Price: $1,895.00

The Dip Stick™ Dipping Tank doesn’t take up much of your valuable shop area, with an outside measurement of 52 inches wide, 28 inches front to back and 38 inches high from the floor up. The actual project dipping area measures 41 inches wide, 23 inches front to back and has 16 inches of water depth. It also has adjustable dam guides that allow you to adjust the dipping area to accommodate your project size.

Dip Stick™ Dipping Tanks operate on 110 volts.  Each dipping tank is ready to go as soon as you receive it. Just fill with water, plug it in and dip your project. They are made in the USA with commercial grade ¼ inch welded plastic and are cradled into a custom ridged steel frame for support and stability allowing years of use and enjoyment.

Each unit comes with a pump, heater and adjustable digital thermostat reader. When compared to stainless steel tanks, the plastic design will retain heat in the water longer. They also heat the water faster than their stainless steel counterparts. There is also a water filtration/skimmer system that will keep your water clean of debris so you can rapidly dip multiple items. The Dip Stick™ Dipping Tank also comes with adjustable dam guides allowing you to adjust the dipping area to


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