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    Kryptek Dip Kit (FREE SHIPPING)


    The Kryptek Edition Dip Kit can be used to decorate any paintable surface that will fit the size of your film. Kits come with a roll of film 20" wide by 80" in length.

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    Item #:   HD-KEDK

    This kit is available in all Kryptek patterns, and comes with a beautiful true dead flat clear coat that will protect your firearms, and gear for years to come.

    Kit Contents:

    • 1 Square Meter Licensed Kryptek Film
    • 16 oz Kryptek All-Surface Primer
    • 16 oz Kryptek Base Color
    • 16 oz Kryptek Film Activator
    • 16 oz Kryptek Dead Flat Matte Clear Coat
    • Scuff Pad
    • Prep-Wipe
    • EZ Dabber (for touch up)
    • Black Protective Gloves
    • Dust Particulate Mask
    • Plastic Carry Tray
    • Instuctions



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